Tips For Time Management In College/University

Try Not To Skip Classes

The first thing is to not skip classes because it becomes a hassle to always keep asking your friends for notes and trying to understand them. Even if your professor uploads the notes and presentations on the net or send it to you, there is always something which you will miss if you don’t go to the class. Even if you think it doesn’t matter for the time being it does make a difference in the long run.

Maintain A Journal Or Planner

I’m a person who likes to be organised. Even though I don’t journal in my vacation, I make sure I plan everyday of my week. of course journaling everyday is not an easy thing and a lot of people think that it takes a lot of time but I think journaling keeps you in place and is a great way to jot down all the works which are o be done and when. If journaling is not your thing then try taking a white board and making a to do works or make a post it wall calendar to stay organised.

For some ideas of how to journal check out my blog on Starting a Bullet Journal- Students Starting a Bullet Journal- Students 

Stop Procrastinating 

It’s not a big deal studying for at least 1 hour a day. instead of trying to cram in a whole lot of information into your brain in one night, make sure you study your notes or read something related to your class everyday before you go to sleep. your brain tends to remember information more effectively after 12 hours of the lecture.

Don’t Stay Up Too Late 

Easier said than done. I know. I’m a person who tends to watch series or read books in the night. And I have this habit of staying awake till 3 am in the morning, which makes me lazy to attend the morning classes. I did that a lot in my first semester and would definitely want to change this habit of mine in my next semester of the college. Try avoiding bing-watching or bing-reading in some cases(like me). To do that, I have been using an app called “Relax Melodies”. I listen to ocean sounds which are my favourite. I did this before my 1st semester exam and it worked really good! I liked it so much that I still use it for sleeping even in my vacation.

So these are some of my tips to you to survive the college and managing time. I’m definitely not a pro at this and would like to learn more tips for surviving my college from you guys!


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