Productive Things To Do Between Classes In College

Things To Do Between Classes In College.png

Listen To Music

It’s always good to listen to music to calm yourself down. There is always a possibility that you are stressed about your classes and exams and taking your mind off through music is better.

Hit The Cafeteria

Always make sure you eat something before going to the class. You can’t concentrate in your classes if you are hungry. Small portions of snacks are always good. Something like nuts, fruits and make sure to drink a lot of water. This is one of the thing which I ought to do and follow since it’s hard for me too. I generally skip eating breakfast and sometimes lunch. I usually carry an Energy-Bar when I go to class just in case I’m hungry.

Get Some Sleep

Power-naps are really good for students. In colleges, especially living in hostel or dorm, it’s hard to sleep early and wake up early. So it’s good to get a 15 min or 30 min sleep in-between classes since it increases your productivity and doesn’t make you feel weak.

Read A Book

Get your head out of your text-book and read something which you like. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction or contemporary. Take some me-time and read something new to clear your head off of your class books.

Listen To An Audio-Book

Sometimes you don’t want to read. Just sit back, relax and listen to any audio book. There are books available in websites like audible. Or you could just listen to them for free in youtube if you find them. The good thing about audio-books is that you learn to listen properly learn pronunciation of a lot of words.

Review Notes

Reviewing notes just after writing or listening to the lecture works. So take some time and review or re-read the notes or ppt you have of that day’s lecture.Doing this helps you remember and you could write down your doubts and ask your teacher in the next class or go to them just then for clearing your doubts.

Go To The Library

Your Library would definitely have more books and information than you think. Go and spend some time between the books and knowing which books and topics are where. Get to know around the library and read something from them. It would probably be useful for you later. Nothing you learn ever goes to waste.

Take a Walk

Go out and explore your campus and enjoy the nature. Take a stroll in your campus and watch birds, take pictures and BREATHE.



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