Best Sci-Fi Books To Start With.

I know that it’s been about 2 months since I posted a blog. But I’m here with a list of Science Fiction Books which I enjoyed and loved reading. Everyone don’t always love the same book. So these are some of the books I recommend. Comment below if you want me to do more of these. I will be posting every Monday.

So the first book series I love is SHATTER ME SERIES BY TAHEREH MAFI. This book series is the sole reason I started reading a lot of dystopian novels. I recommended this book to a a lot of friends of mine and none of them have been disappointed in it. Infact it surely got into the list of their favourites too. 687474703a2f2f7777772e70657270657475616c706167657475726e65722e636f6d2f77702d636f6e74656e742f75706c6f6164732f323031342f30322f736861747465722d6d652d7365726965732e6a7067

This is a very intriguing plot with very attachable characters. The story goes about a girl named Juliette who’s touch is lethal. It’s based in a dystopian world where all the people work for the Reestablishment. She is locked up in an asylum due to her prior murders. The story revolves around how Juliette with help of some people who she doesn’t even know tries to destroy Reestablishment but in process falls for the person who tortured her. So the story is a fast pace one and very dive-in kinda book.

For the full review of the series click here to go directly to the link >>>

Moving onto the next one, THE RED QUEEN SERIES BY VICTORIA AVEYARD. The story goes around a girl named Mare Barrow who is a Red Blood. The world is divided by blood- Red and Silver, where Silver blood rules. Mare who is a Red blood owns some powers which is dangerous for the balance of the society. Blog2-Red-Queen

Silvers threatened by Mare declare her as a long lost Silver blood princess and engaged to a prince. Fully filled with plot twists, betrayal and some romantic bits, Red Queen is a must read for all the Dystopian lovers.

The next series I recommend is THE UNFORTUNATE FAIRY TALE SERIES BY CHANDA HAHN. This series has blown my mind away when I first read it. With twists and turns so nice, it got me not want to put it down for even a second. The story goes around Mina Grime who is a normal teenage girl but finds out that her father was a Grimm and her whole life was a lie. Trying to stay away from all this but not being able to and falling for the guy who is not even from this world. chandahahnseries

I surely did enjoy reading this series a lot. There are some points I got really pissed because you know the good parts where you get a feeling everything is going so fine and sense some dramatic turn to it? yeah there are a lot of scenes like that in this book.

For the full review of the book click here >>>

The last series I wanna recommend in this post is THE REMNANT CHRONICLES BY MARY E. PEARSON. The princess of Kingdom of Morrighan- Lia escapes from the arranged marriage-alliance with their rival kingdom. There is an identity crisis while reading the story because the story is written from 3 sides- The princess, The prince and the Assassin. At first you will not know who the prince or the assassin is. RemnantChronicles

The series goes about with a very interesting plot and is kind of predictable. Betrayal, Shock, Humour, Pain mixed up with a beautiful plot and served as a series which I guess everyone would enjoy reading.

So these are some of the series I’m pretty fond of. I’m sure everyone has their own favourites and I’d love to know them!


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