Creating Study Environment

As a student, I know how hard it is for every student to concentrate in the class without getting distracted. It definitely takes a lot for a teenager to sit through a whole class without getting bored. There is generally the distraction through mobile or laptop ’cause some person whom you probably didn’t talk to for the longest time and was once your best friend just messaged you or you are sitting beside your friend in the class. I’m not saying you aren’t supposed to sit with your friend, but just don’t exactly talk to them while the classes are going on.

Moving on to the motivating self part. I am an avid reader. But not when it comes to my College books. Even though I get really excited when I see my textbooks, I generally don’t use them a lot. So in my 12th grade I made up my mind that I’m going to motivate myself as much as possible because, let’s admit it, self motivation is the best motivation.

  1. Declutter

The first and foremost thing to do is declutter. Clean your study area. Make it as tidy as possible. Make sure you aren’t using your study desk as a dining table and your chair as your clothes hanger. Throw away the things you don’t need. If you find something and cannot decide to throw it away or just keep it for any future use, take my suggestion, just throw it. You’ll probably won’t even need it.

2.  Stay Organised

The next thing to do is get organised. Get the things which are useful for you. Organise your study area first. Make it as simple and as useful as possible. Make sure you have all your stationary and the things you need to study at your desk. Make sure you don’t have to get up every time you need a pencil or a scale.

3.  Keep Your Mind And Body Clean

It’s very important to keep your mind, as well as your body clean. Wear something comfortable. Stay relaxed, don’t stress. Believe in yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Keep calm and have faith and you can do anything you want to. Declutter your mind and keep clean.

These are some basic things with which you can start getting organised and keep control of your study environment. For the part-2 of “Creating Study Environment” or any other posts you want to see, comment below your opinions and suggestions 🙂



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