Inculcating The Habit Of Reading

If you know me, you know that I love reading books. It’s a stress-buster for me. But most of teenagers now a days are not into reading that much. With the competition out there, it’s very important that all the people inculcate the habit of reading. The more you know about something the more confident you can be while you interact with people.

The first thing you need to do is start with what you like to read. Read the books which  you find interesting. You may be the person who likes fiction or you may like contemporary. I’m not trying to confuse you with the terminology here. It’s best if you know the genres in the books first to know what you are actually interested in. If you don’t wanna decide what you are interested in and wanna try reading multiple kinds of books before you stick to your favourites, you go. You do you.

So I wasn’t particularly a big of a reader when I was a kid. Yes, I used to read books but not as much as I do now. But when I was in my 9th grade, we had to shift to a town. I wasn’t exactly happy there because, first, I didn’t wanna leave my school or my friends, and second because I wasn’t that into making new friends. I didn’t like it there. Then, my dad got me a Kindle. I was really excited. I started by reading Young- Adult Fiction. Then people started recommending me some books. I then different kind of books. But realised I love Dystopian.

If you think you might like reading fiction, then you can go check out my other blogs, where I wrote about some dystopian books.


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