Starting a Bullet Journal- Students 

So, I’m going to start by saying that I’m not a great bullet journaling person. I just started to work on my bullet journal recently. As I’m done with my high school and am going to University this year in the end of july and will be staying in a dorm room, I thought getting more organized is the best to do.

Bullet Journaling according to me is not only about staying organised, it’s about getting creative and putting your thoughts into book. A bullet Journal can be of any kind- household, school, classes etc; but the one I did for myself is a student version. I researched a lot for layouts and designs for my journal to be perfect. But after 1 month of brainstorming, I found out that the best way is to mix it up and give it a jazz. So let’s get Journaling..!!!

First things first, getting a journal. The key is ” Always Choose what’s suitable for you”. In my case, I couldn’t find any journal which I loved. So I went ahead and customized one myself. I bought a normal Classmate White Paper book and covered it with black chart. Then went online and searched for pictures which I liked and printed them out and stuck them onto the covered book as I liked. Then I took as plain plastic sheet and covered the book again.


Now that the cover is done let’s work on the inside. The first page can be anything- The title, Index(if you want to be even more organized), a design, a pattern, a printed picture, anything..! I wanted a key for my Journal. So i went ahead and created one.

Beside the key page, I drew a random quote in different fonts so that it would pop out more. The key is helpful for what you are representing in the journal. Taking through your daily activities.

The next thing is a very important part. The months. For me, I wanted my journal to be semester wise. So I started my months from July and ended till December. You can decorate the months and draw them as you like. But make sure you have enough place to write notes beside or below them. I drew 2 months in each page.

So what I did there is, I drew months and colour coordinated it with the events I want to remember and the days which are important. I coloured the date of the event and wrote the events beside it or below it with the same colour.

The next page is the start of the daily and weekly schedules. And remember… It’s your journal, you can customise it as you want it to be. I wanted to add a shopping list and packing list since I’m going to college in the july ending. So I jotted down my lists with some banners.

* Using post its is another option if you don’t have the time to draw banners.

Then I started laying-out my weekly planning. I wanted to go with simple layouts. So I went to pinterest(which is my favorite app ever) and searched for some bullet journal layouts. I found some layouts which I liked but couldn’t decide on one. So i picked the easiest one which I thought might be enough for me.

I wanted monday to Sunday in a page. But tou can do whatever you want. If you are in school, it’ll be better if u combine saturday and sunday and wrote it together as Weekend which will give you some more space to work with.

So after doing your weeks, you can draw designs or quotes inbetween each month. That will your bullet journal look very tidy and cute.

A bullet journal is not only for jotting down whatever work you have to do. You can make is as much fun as possible. I added some interesting things which would help me in my life. For example, if you are a person who spends a lot, you can write down what things you want and what you need.

Now that you know what you want and what you need are very different, you can go ahead and save a lot of money.

So there are some people who start with a design and continue with it throughout year. But you know what, this is your journal. You wanna try something different? Do it..! I wanted to switch up layouts with everymonth. You can add more fun stuff in between months. You can add to-do lists. You can add a money savings page and so much more..!

So this is the layout on how to start your own journal. Don’t be afraid to try something new..!


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