My Thoughts

So as a teenager I have random feelings all the times. Happiness, excitement, anger, aggression, depression, feeling unwanted, loneliness and the list goes on. So I think there are a lot of teenagers who want to share their feelings but are afraid to do so, or they might just be an introvert or don’t want to. But I think everyone has to let their feelings out in one or the other way.

I’m a person who can come back to normal state in very less time. But there were some times where my mind just couldn’t take it anymore and I felt helpless. Those were the times I used to put all my feelings into a poem form or just write a small paragraph about it like a story.

So here I want to create a platform for not only teenagers but all the people who are out there not able to share what they feel that we can all be there for each other and share our thoughts and feeling and help each other.

As I,m starting this, I’m going to write a small poem about how I felt one time when I was totally devastated.

“She just slit herself,

Like it was nothing but a soft cushion

Blood oozing from her like cotton

I could see the pain in her eyes,

Hear the screams through her soul.

Tried to replace it as much as possible,

But there was nothing she could do.

She hurted, she hurted like no one had ever did

Engraving all the grief within

Carved it over her skin.

If you would see her, you could never see the pain,

That good she is, with covering it

Screaming till her lungs burst, no one could hear,

There she was dying in vain.

Wanting someone to see her,

Craving for the light,

She just wanted a friend

To get her through the night.”

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