An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series By Chanda Hahn

“Not All Fairy Tales Have Happily Ever Afters. Some Just Have Afters”.

A Wonderful twist on the story of the Grimms and their Fairy Tales. Mina, the protagonist of the story winds her way through trouble not knowing just how strong she really is.

A twist on the well known Grimm stories becomes a radical story of a girl who is a descendant of the Grimm family. She didn’t know who she was. Mina Grime was taught to stay out of the spotlight, and if by any chance she did start gaining attention, her mom would pack up the family’s belongings and move to a new location. From there, they would start fresh and Mina would go unnoticed until she saved her crush’s life one day.

This is a fast paced story that involves the search for the Grimoire book which will help Mina figure out how to fight the story and save her people’s and her life. Of course she would need a bit of help to figure out what she is doing as she is in a dilemma about what’s going on in her normal teenage life; Jared.

Quite an intriguing twist on all the fairy tales you grew up listening to. And knowing that this is only the beginning, makes this engaging book more than an Unenchanted series to be drawn into!


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