To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy By Jenny Han 

To all the boys I’ve loved before. Doesn’t sound too good right? Well, not everyone has fallen in love that many times nor was it exactly love, might be a crush. Lara Jean, the protagonist in this book is a teenager. She has fallen in love 5 times already. To move on from those guys, she writes one letter to each person about how and why she had fallen for them and puts it in the envelope and shuts all the memories in her cupboard… until all her letters were sent without her acknowledgement.


Contemporary is the genre which is enjoyed by anyone. I personally thought that contemporary can only be enjoyed when it’s made into a movie, for instance, I didn’t like reading “The Fault In Our Stars” but enjoyed the movie. One of the best known book, “The Book Thief”, I couldn’t complete the whole book because even though the story and the plot were very intriguing and distinct, I just couldn’t find my interest in the book.

I would have enjoyed “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” more if the male lead character was more of a charmer. It wasn’t like I didn’t find the moments cute, but at times in the book, I didn’t actually like how he was potrayed. I personally haven’t read a lot of contemporary, but when I do read it, I would want the lead male to be a charmer.

I felt the story was very captivating because of how a teenager handles all these things in her life without her mother around. She has been potrayed as a fearless girl who doesn’t give up on her family no matter what.

Overall, this is a really great book which I highly recommend to all the cute romantics out there. It’s a book to read to make yourself happier. It has got that charm to it.

The trilogy is of three books(obviously), but currently I’ve read two. So keep checking in for my update for the third book..!! Good reading..!


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