Shatter Me Trilogy By Tahereh Mafi

I agree, that I’m not a professional book advisor or something. But, Shatter Me series is the best dystopian series I’ve read till now. Filled with many twists and turns, ups and downs, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. The quotes in the book are the reason i got so into it. The writing’s very deep and emotional with a bit of humor just to balance the book in perfect proportions.  I’m totally obsessed with the book!

                    1. The Villain.

The first thing that everyone who is obsessed with this book tell you the reason the read it is for the villain a.k.a the Hero. Aaron Warner is the most addictive character I’ve ever read about.

                      2. The Triangle Love Story

The story is basically told from the protagonist Juliette’s side, who is unfortunately stuck in a dilemma about who to choose between the two handsome guys in who one is the one who saves her from the wrong side and protects her and tells her that she isn’t lethal as she thought she is. And the other guy is the one who had kept her prisnor for himself and tried to take advantage of her powers.

                      3. The Twists

Even though it is not a book with a lot of great twists and mind blowing turns of the story track, the readers will be quite shocked with what is happening in the book and how the story changes it’s path. It’s quite predictable but plays a major role in the story.

                     4. Humor

It’s a book fully packed with a good sense of humor which makes the readers lol.

And…. I think it’s the book which all the Dystopian readers should read for sure. It’s a very romantic yet full of action story which makes the reader not want to put the book away.


By Juliette

4 Replies to “Shatter Me Trilogy By Tahereh Mafi”

  1. Dear Sami, Firstly, I congratulate on your blog ! Secondly, even though this trilogy seems to be meant for teens , but the way you have given your comments, I feel like reading .
    Please tell me , where they are available ?
    My best regards for your writing ventures ! Yours loving aunt , Dr.Lakshmi Prasanna .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dr. LP aunty. I read this book in my kindle but i suggest you to buy a hardcopy online or in any bookstore( preferably online) as you can get that authentic reading experience as this book is meant to give you chills. I hope you would enjoy this book. Xoxo


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